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Our Story!

Posted by Joseph Townsend on 10/5/2017 to News

Appalachian Candle Company was born in the home of Joseph Townsend in 2011, we have now expanded to a separate building on our property.  I always found an extreme interest in candles as a child, they were mysterious, unique, creative and in general amazing. 


                What sets Appalachian Candle Company apart other than the completely custom candles we offer is my story, a story of struggle, strength and triumph.  As a child I was abused and suffered a minor learning disability most refer to ADHD.  As I grew older I turned to alcohol to help ease the feeling and thoughts from my younger days.  As I now know, that didn’t work very well at all.  As I trudged the road of addiction and lost many friends in the process and looking at life through a bottle.  I realized there had to be more, there had to be more than just merely existing.  At the advice and strong suggestions of friends and a local doctor I entered a detox and rehab facility in Dobson, Nc.  During this time was a major reflecting period, learning to find who I was and where I wanted to be in the world.  Upon exiting rehab, I entered a local recovery group.  It was during this time that I met a very important man that had a major difference in my life.  So, I had seen the verse Philippians 4:13 several times throughout the week and with a talk to this man about it.  It was that that point I realized God was leading me in a direction.  It was with $50.00 , a few jars and some old fragrance and a dream the Appalachian Candle Company was born. 


Till this day I never would realize at that point what it would grow to represent.  One look at our labels and you think of Jack Daniels, one look at our fragrance lineup and you see a lot of alcohol inspired fragrances such as Maple Bourbon or Hillbilly Homebrew.  We have become famous for our true to life, alcohol inspired fragrances.  But most do not realize that im a recovering alcoholic.  You look at our labels and see unique.  We look at our labels and see a daily victory, a way out, a way of life for so many.   It is with our labels and our products that I can share my personal journey with the world.  A story of strength and hope.  If anybody out there is reading this that may need help, it is out there, if you are struggling with addiction, please know that you are not alone. 


We strive to promote addiction awareness, the issues around recovery.  We strive to be the light in the world when so many people have lost that light.  It is why I started Appalachian Candle Company, to let others know it can be done, there is help, and this is what you can do.  If we can we do our best to offer people in recovery different positions within ACC.  Without addiction followed by a recovery program ACC would not be possible.  

Welcome Aquarius Spa

Posted by Joseph Townsend on 12/4/2016 to News
We would like to send a warm welcome to Aquarius Spa, that recently joined our Appalachian Candle Company Family!

New Retailer

Posted by Joseph Townsend on 1/11/2016 to News
New Retailer
We know it can be hard to purchase candles through a website.  That's why we are pleased to announce our newest retailer and first retailer in Johnson City, Tn  'The Local Company"

Let's Welcome Our Newest Member

Posted by Joseph Townsend on 1/3/2016 to News
Lets Welcome Robert to Appalachian Candle Company.

Grand Opening at Tri Cities Flea Market

Posted by on 6/4/2014 to News
Grand Opening at Tri Cities Flea Market
We are pleased to announce the opening of our Store at Tri-Cities Flea Market.