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Choose the best handmade candles, wholesale soy candles, scented soy candles for your store today!!!


The Appalachian Candle Co. retailer family is growing daily! If you have an interest in our products and would like to know more about carrying our lines, please take a few minutes to fill out the form below, and we will get back with you as soon as possible.


After your account has been approved, you can place a wholesale order directly through our website using the wholesale in the navigation menu.  You can also place an order by calling Joseph at 423.430.5484, or email info@appalachiancandlecompany.com


What are the benefits to you?


1. Low first order minimum

2.  Discount on UPS shipments

3.  24/7 Customer Service.

4.  Free samples on new fragrance releases.

5.  Sales analysis to see what’s hot, and what’s not.

6.  Help with inventory control to make sure customers have what they want, when they want it.

7. Free advertising on our social media accounts. 

8.  Weekly company insights with sales and marketing strategies.   

9.  Free consultation to ensure you do the absolute best you can do with Appalachian Candle Company 

To register for a wholesale account, please click HERE.  

If you are located in certain ares of the North East, we may refer you to Fred Miller & Associates which handles our accounts in the region.   

Fred Miller & Associates

Christine Miller

1123 Route 380

Apollo, Pa 15613

Phone- 724.335.6048

Fax- 724.335.0266

Email- fmagifts-chris@earthlink.net

Cell- 412.551.4208

"Great company and products! The candles burn long and clean. The fragrances have authentic scents and there is a great variety available at all times including seasonal varieties. The owner and staff are very professional and always there for the customers and retailers. I highly recommend this local company."- Sarah Fagley of the Local Company, Johnson City, Tn

"Appalachian Candle is still a new and small company but the ground work is in place for it to become a very large company in the near future.  They don’t only spend a great amount of time in creating their fragrances but they think out the quality and the unique design of the labeling.  The catchy label gets the customers interest and when they smell the unique fragrance, they are sold. Repeat Customers controls the future for any product and Appalachian Candles has them. Many people constantly burn candles and have left big name brands to become exclusive customers of the Appalachian Candles. True Value is very proud to Have Appalachian Candles in our store."  Carl Howard, True Value Hardware.